Reasons Why You May Need To Carry SR-22 Insurance

Every state requires drivers to carry the minimum amount of coverage on their vehicles. Drivers who are pulled over or in accidents may be required to show proof of this coverage when law enforcement asks for it.

When you are found to be without it, you could lose your driving privileges if you fail to get insurance before taking to the road again. The municipal court judge assigned to your case may demand that you submit proof of SR-22 insurance to the state if you want to keep your driver's license.

Meeting the Minimum Coverage Requirements

One of the most common reasons drivers are ordered to send in proof of SR-22 insurance to the court each month involves showing the state that you have the legally required minimum amount of coverage on your vehicle. This minimal amount of coverage protects other property owners and motorists in case you cause an accident. It also shows law enforcement that you are properly insured if you are pulled over for an infraction like speeding.

If you fail to send in proof of your SR-22 insurance each month, then you may have no other way of showing the state that you have minimal coverage on your vehicle. You also fail to show the court that you are taking your civil punishment for prior driving infractions seriously.

Keeping Your Driving Privileges and License

SR-22 insurance lets you keep your driving privileges and driver's license. If the court does not receive this proof from your insurer once a month, then it could issue a new bench warrant for your arrest. It also may suspend or revoke your license and make it illegal for you to drive. 

To avoid having your privileges suspended or revoked and possibly having to go to jail, you need to buy minimal coverage from an insurer that can show proof of SR-22 insurance. The insurer can mail, fax, or email a copy of your SR-22 insurance to the court each month and ensure that you can keep the right to drive your car and avoid having to go to jail.

SR-22 insurance may be a requirement if you have been caught driving without the accepted minimal amount of coverage on your vehicle. It shows that you are sufficiently insured in case of wrecks or driving infractions. It also keeps you out of jail and helps maintain your driving privileges.

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