Questions Your Medicare Insurance Agency Can Help You Answer

Private health insurance companies provide you with packages that subsidize the cost of health care. Signing up for a package allows you to afford medical consultations, hospital admissions, and medication. Even if your health is in perfect shape, you should consider getting medical coverage to protect yourself from future uncertainties.

Many people disregard the necessity of medical coverage because they're not fully aware of how it works and its benefits. The good news is you can always ask your medical insurance company to clarify anything you don't understand. Continue reading to learn some questions your private Medicare insurance agency can answer.

At What Age Do I Qualify for Medicare?

The only requirement you need to fulfill to qualify for Medicare is being at least 65 years old. If you're retiring on your 65th birthday, you also qualify for Social Security Benefits, and your enrollment into Medicare Part A is automated. Medicare comes in two parts: A and B. You're allowed to opt out of Part B if you want to.

However, if you're still working and still haven't qualified for Social Security you have to apply for Medicare insurance with a medical insurance company of your choice. 

What's the Application Deadline?

Is your 65th birthday around the corner? You can expedite your Medicare enrollment by beginning the application process three months before your birthday. The application will remain open throughout your birthday month and three months after your birth date.  

Ensure you complete your enrollment within the specified period to activate your benefits in record time. If you submit your application after the defined period elapses, the release of your cover may be slowed down.

Are Immigrants Entitled to Medicare?

Immigrants qualify for Medicare if they have legally resided in the United States for five years. If you turn 65 before hitting the five-year mark, you have to wait a few more years before you can apply.

Can Spouses Share Medicare?

Anyone who wants to enjoy Medicare coverage has to fulfill eligibility requirements. If your spouse already has a cover, you can only use it to get medication if you're 65 years and above. Even then, you won't enjoy the full Medicare benefits, so it's better to apply for your own coverage.

If your 65th birthday is approaching, add a reminder for your Medicare application. Partner with a private Medicare insurance company, such as Insurance for Seniors & Disabled, for personalized and affordable packages.