3 Things To Help Keep Your Insurance Premiums Down With A Teenage Driver

If you have a teenager who is getting ready to start driving, you may already be dreading the hike in your insurance premium. There are things that you can do that will help you with keeping that increase under control. 

Get Good Grades

This is one that your teenager is going to have to do, although you can encourage them and help them out. Many insurance companies will offer programs to teenagers that will allow them to get a discount on their insurance if they keep up good grades. The thinking behind it is that students who get good grades are more responsible and are likely to be more responsible with their driving. If your insurance company has this program, make sure you check to see what qualifies as good grades, because good grades for one child may be different from good grades for another teenager. 

Defensive Driving Courses

You can also sign your teen up to get some defensive driving courses. Defensive driving courses aren't the same as driver's education classes, which is where your teenager learned how to drive and got all the basics down. Defensive driving courses are classes where your teenager is going to learn how to be a better driver. They will learn techniques that will help them make better decisions based on what other drivers are doing and learn how to react to various conditions better. You can also take these classes because it never hurts to brush up on your skills and make sure that you are the best driver you can be. That may also help you to get a bigger discount on your car insurance. 


If your teenager waits to get their driver's license until they are a little older — for example, if they get it at 18 instead of 16 — then you might also be able to get a lower car insurance rate. This is something that you are going to have to talk to your insurance company about so that you can find out what their standard is. Your teenager may also have fewer driving restrictions placed on them if they wait to get their license, depending on what state you live in. 

Teenagers look forward to getting their driver's license. Their parents may not look forward to dealing with the higher insurance premiums. There are things that you can do that will help you keep the rates as low as possible. 

To learn more, contact an auto insurance provider.