Three Common Locations Of Auto Collisions

While the chances of seeing a fender bender when you are driving down the interstate are pretty high, the majority of collisions do not actually occur on the interstate. Believe it or not, it is more common for collisions to occur on smaller roads. Because of this, it is important that you remain focused and cautious regardless of where you are driving. While it is true that you (hopefully) have auto insurance coverage in place in the event that you are in an accident, it is always helpful to know wrecks are most likely to occur and what you can do to prevent them when you find yourself in these areas.

Parking Lots

Collisions in parking lots are probably some of the more minor accidents that occur, but they do tend to occur pretty frequently. One of the reasons that parking lot accidents are so common is because people do not follow traffic rules when in the parking lot. Plus, there are a lot of pedestrians walking through parking lots and vehicles driving around in close quarters. Fenders benders in parking lots can easily be prevented, though, if you just drive slowly, remain on high alert, and back out of spaces instead of drive forward out of parking spaces.

Rural Roads

While there are not nearly as many automobiles on rural roads as there are interstates, it is common for one-car accidents to take place on rural roads. Because there is not as much traffic, a lot of drivers assume that they do not have to be as attentive when they are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this leads to drivers failing to stop their vehicles in time before they run into debris, wild animals, or poor road conditions. Alternatively, it can result in drivers veering off of the road suddenly as well. It is important that you stay focused and keep your headlights on to increase your visibility when you are driving on rural roads.


When it comes to accidents at stoplights, it is common for rear-end collisions to occur. As a general rule, this is a result of fatigued or distracted driving. Ultimately, when you are behind the wheel, it is important that you eliminate any and all distractions, which means you should not be fiddling with the radio dial, adjusting the navigation system, talking or texting on your cell phone, applying your makeup, eating a hamburger, or engaging with your passengers. In addition, you should make it a habit to ensure that there is plenty of room between you and the vehicle that is in front of you, providing you with adequate time to bring your vehicle to a sudden stop if necessary.

If you do not currently have auto insurance or would like to make sure that you are properly covered in the event of an accident, get in touch with your local auto insurance agent today.