3 Ways Your Home Insurance Will Be A Lifesaver After A Break-In

According to the Bureau of Justice, there are about 3.7 million home burglaries every year in the United States. These break-ins can be disconcerting for sure as a homeowner, and you could be facing a lot of damages due to the incident that are either physical or less-tangible in nature. In the event your home does get broken into, the fact that you have substantial home insurance coverage can be a lifesaver. Here is a look at some of the reasons why you will be happy to have good homeowner's insurance after your home gets broken into by a burglar. 

The cost of what was stolen will be covered. 

Without a question, the number one reason you will be glad that you had home insurance after your home has been burgled is the fact that you will likely be reimbursed, at least in part, for whatever it was that was taken from your home. When you initially obtain the policy, you will be asked to provide a list of the valuables that your home holds. If you are ever robbed, this list will be especially valuable because it proves you indeed held the items in your possession. Most policies will cover a percentage of what was lost. 

The cost to repair direct damages to your home will be covered. 

Damages during a burglary are pretty common. Many thieves will go to great lengths to gain entry into the home to take what it is that they want or what it is that they see as valuable. After your home has been broken into, you may be facing a full list of damages that need to be fixed to restore your home. Some of these damages commonly include: 

  • Busted glass in a window or door
  • Damaged doors that were pried open with a tool 
  • Missing door knobs or window screens 

The costs to fix any secondary damages will likely be covered. 

You were away on vacation when the burglary happened, so your home sat for a full week with a door wide open. You come home to an all-out disaster because stray dogs found their way in the house after the incident. These types of damages are referred to as secondary damages that happened because the home was damaged during a break-in, and some home insurance policies will cover such damages when you file a claim. Just make sure you have all of the damage properly documented.