3 Tips For Reducing Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Do you feel like you're paying too much for car insurance? Have you been tempted more than once to simply cancel your insurance and hope that nobody realizes you're driving illegally? High insurance prices can be frustrating, but you need not resort to extreme measures in order to get insurance premiums that you are better able to afford. There are many things that can lower your insurance premiums to a more acceptable rate. Some things that you should consider trying include:

Shop around: It's easy to assume that, because you've had the same auto insurance for a while, you're getting the best rate. This is not always true. Some insurance companies will give slight discounts to established customers, but chances are good that you're missing out on even better discounts by not shopping around. Many insurance companies offer an introductory rate for the first six to twelve months and then raise your premiums after that. Although it can be annoying to have to check insurance rates every year or so, this is the only way that you can be sure that you're getting the best rate for the insurance that you need.

Pay ahead: Paying month to month for your auto insurance is extremely convenient. Unfortunately, doing so can also result in a much higher cost than if you're able to pay for several months in advance. Some insurance companies will give you a significant discount depending on how many months you can prepay at once. Other insurance companies may still charge a so-called "convenience fee" every time you make a payment with a credit or debit card. Even if this fee is only $5, that's still an extra $60 every year that you're paying for the ability to give the insurance company the money that you owe them anyway. With possible discounts and fewer fees, paying ahead on your car insurance could result in you saving the equivalent of several months' worth of insurance premiums every year.

Check with your employer: You may not realize it, but your benefits package with your employer may include discounts on auto insurance. Some employers either negotiate with companies directly or else purchase a discount package from a third party in order to include it as part of employee benefits packages. Such packages often include significant discounts on not only auto insurance but also things like cell phones, appliances, and sometimes even new car purchases. Although you may not have looked at your complete benefits package since being hired, it can be worth your time to check again to see if car insurance discounts are one of the things that are included. 

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