Motorcycles In Storage Units For Winter: Advantages Of Keeping Insurance Coverage In The Offseason

During the long winter months, it can be agony when your motorcycle is packed away and you cannot wait to ride it again. As the motorcycle sits packed away, you may not be thinking about the insurance coverage that it has. Even if you're not actively riding your bike, it's a good idea to remain covered throughout every month of the year. This can make a huge difference for some of the problems that may occur during this time. If you use a storage unit rental to hold your bike, then there are four specific reasons to make sure that you are properly ensured. Each one will properly you in the long run and cut down on out of pocket costs.

Transportation And Moving Damage

As you prepare to load or unload your motorcycle, you may be dealing with a crowded and packed storage unit area. It may be easy to accidentally hit the wall or door of as you park it inside. The same thing could happen as you attempt to pull the bike out after the winter months. Having proper insurance coverage will help pay for any damages that occur. Not only would you have to have coverage to help pay for the motorcycle repair expenses, but the insurance company can also help cover any property damage that may have occurred while moving the bike in and out of storage.

Chipped Paint

The cold and bitter months can do a lot of different things to a motorcycle. If the storage unit you rent is not climate controlled, then your bike may be exposed to a lot of freezing temperature. The fluctuation in temperatures may create problems with the motorcycle paint job. By adding accessory coverage to your insurance plan, you can have full coverage for any damage associated with the pain on the motorcycle. This includes crack and peeled paint that appears on the body of the motorcycle. If you had a custom paint job done to your motorcycle, it's a good idea to document this as much as possible. You want to have before and after pictures, receipts, and other information to show the value of the paint job and ways it has changed when you file your claim.


Storage unit businesses undergo a lot of steps to help prevent a theft or break-in on their property. This still doesn't mean your motorcycle is completely safe. If some type shady actions are going down at a storage unit center, then you may find that motorcycle has been stolen. Although this may be a rare option, it does happen and can cause a lot of problems for the motorcycle owner. When you have proper insurance coverage for the motorbike, you can receive the value of the bike if it is stolen. This additional coverage option is really good to have in emergency situations like this. Taking images of your bike inside of the unit and showing any measures you took to help prevent the theft will only help with your claim.

Motorcycle Accessories

Along with storing your bike, a storage unit is an ideal place to store any accessories that go along with it. For example, you may have helmets, jackets, or special pants that wear while you ride. Bike accessories like a side cart may also be placed in the storage unit. By getting a comprehensive policy, all of these items can be covered through your motorcycle insurance. For example, if a leather motorcycle jacket gets wet and destroyed while in storage, you can file a claim with the insurance company to help recover money to replace the jacket before the new motorcycle riding season begins.

An insurance company can help you sign up for all the coverage that you need to last through the winter without any worries.