What To Do If Your Homeowner's Insurance Provider Denies Your Claim

After your home has been seriously damaged by a flood, fire or storm, you may assume that the premium you have been paying for all these years would ensure that you are compensated for any damage. However, your claim could be unexpectedly denied. But if you take the right steps from this point forward, you might be able to have your claim denial overturned. 

Find Out Why Your Claim Was Denied And Take Corrective Actions

First, read over the policy. If your copy of the policy was destroyed, you may order another copy. There are some perils that may not be covered. You may be required to take preventative measures. If you failed to do so, you may not be able to receive compensation for your damages. You may also be required to document all damages. For example, you will need to take photographs of the damage immediately after it happened to demonstrate the extent of the damage and prove that the damage was the result of the event. Fortunately, it may still be possible to have your claim approved if you can present more sufficient documentation.

Communicate With An Insurance Agent

While it may be your fault that your claim was denied, it is also possible that the homeowner's insurance provider made a mistake. The best way to correct innocent mistakes is to contact an agent to inquire about the claim denial. The agent may be able to walk you through ways that the claim can be resubmitted and accepted. It is also possible that your claim was denied in error and your agent will be able to correct this.

Seek Help From A Third Party

If your insurance provider continues to deny the claim or offers a settlement that you do not believe is acceptable, one option is to hire an independent appraiser. These professionals can be very expensive, but if the difference between your current settlement offer and a much higher possible settlement offer justifies the cost, it may be worth hiring an appraiser. 

For a very high claim amount, it may be justified to hire an attorney. This is very rarely a good idea and should only be done if the settlement you should receive is substantial. The legal process can be very slow and hiring an attorney can be expensive. The attorney should only be hired after you have contacted your state insurance department and they recommend that you take this action.

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