Affordable Safety Measures That Can Save You On Your Homeowners Insurance

If you are looking for ways to cut your household expenses, qualifying for discounts on your homeowners insurance can help. Insurance companies generally offer a number of discounts that give you an opportunity to lower your premium. The good news is, there are measures you can take that make you eligible for certain discounts without the need to invest a lot of money.

Home Security

You don't have to afford a burglar alarm or other security system. Just installing deadbolt locks on your doors can help lower the cost of your home insurance. Locks on all your windows may get you a discount too. While taking these steps doesn't require a huge investment on your part, they can improve your home security and save you money on your insurance by reducing the risk of vandalism and theft.

Some insurers also see you as less of a risk if you belong to a neighborhood watch program. If that's the case, you may qualify for a lower premium. A home in a gated community or membership in a homeowners association may get you a discount as well.

Fire Safety

Save at least 5 percent on your annual premium by installing smoke detectors. Consider installing hardwired detectors with battery backup. When one detector goes off, they all go off to warn you of smoke or fire in the home.

Ask your insurance company if you qualify for a discount if no one in your home smokes. Since smoking increases the risk of fire, you may be eligible for a better premium rate if your home is smoker-free. You'll save money and protect your health.

Fire extinguishers and fire escape ladders can also impact your home insurance premiums. Some insurers offer savings if you equip upper-level rooms with fire escape ladders.

Disaster Preparedness

When it comes to disaster proofing your home to protect it against severe weather events and natural disasters, there are inexpensive steps you can take that will save you insurance dollars. Simply pruning trees away from your home helps prevent damage to your home or rooftop from broken tree limbs during a windstorm or from the weight of snow and ice.

Although storm shutters vary in price, they offer protection for your home's doors and windows, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. Gutter guards and deicing cables are additional inexpensive steps you can take to protect your home against weather-related damage.

Not all insurers advertise every discount they offer; therefore, ask what discounts an insurance company offers. Even a small discount saves you money. To learn more, contact a company like Family Insurance Centers.